Feodosia dolphinarium «Nemo»
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We are glad to see you at the dolphin show
all year round!


Monday - closed

Ticket prices for March 2018


Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri



800 RUB

Sat, Sun



800 RUB



Service prices for March 2018

For children up to 5 years old 

Birth identification must be shown

Free of charge

Photo-Video recording during performance

Free of charge

Photo with dolphins at the platform

 Up to 5 people

- professional photo

600 RUB

- on your camera

500 RUB

- to reset the stick 

+ 200 RUB

Photo with dolphins in the water
(dolphins will give you a ride in the water + as a gift you will get a bit photo
 A4 with dolphins in the water)

1 person

1200 RUB

Swimming and communication with dolphins
(more details see at the «Service» part)
5 min

3500 RUB

10 min

6000 RUB

Meet the dolphins

1 person

3000 RUB

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