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Swimming with dolphins

Swimming with dolphins for many of us — is a dream. In Feodosia dolphinarium «Nemo» you dream will come true. Our amazing dolphins will help you to find yourself in the world of new sensations.


Swimming with dolphins — is a unique chance to relax, to get positive emotions, to enjoy the strength and agility of marine mammals. Friendly dolphins during common swimming will substitute their dorsal fins, will repeat bright tricks from the show-performance, and will give you a ride around the pool. Give an unforgettable gift for you and your family!

Swimming and communication with dolphins in the pool of Feodosia dolphinarium «Nemo» — it is a special program. During the program you will have a chance to feel that you not just next to the dolphins, but also to become a trainer for them.




Prices to swim with dolphins see please at the page «Schedule»...


Dolphins will play with you, will give you a ride over fins on the back and on the stomach just the same as with trainers. Friends and your family will be able to make photos or make video absolutely free of charge.


For swimming with dolphins you need to wear bathing suit. If necessary, the trainer can provide you with diving suite of your size. Children up t 5 years old are provided with inflatable vest. Pool water temperature is +24°С.

If you want to swim with our amazing dolphins, please make an appointment for a specific time: + 7 (978) 205-02-02,
+ 7 (978) 205-03-03

And finally, they believe that touching a dolphin will bring happiness.



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