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NEW! Meet the dolphins

Dolphinarium «Nemo» invites you to take part in an exciting and unforgettable program «Meet the dolphins».


During the program, you will learn a lot of interesting and cognitive information about the dolphins and, of course, will be able to touch this wonderful and friendly animals, and to communicate with them. This program is ideal for both adults and children. It will appeal to those who are interested in biology and behavior of dolphins, their training and who wants to get acquainted with these wonderful creatures.


The program is designed for small groups of 4 people. The total duration of sessions of 45 minutes, and includes:


1) a lecture about dolphins and marine mammals


2) observation of the behavior of dolphins


3) direct tactile contact with the dolphins


4) interactive game program with dolphins


5) Swimming with dolphins is one lap on the perimeter of the pool



Program description:

We begin the program in the main hall of the dolphinarium where you can observe the behavior of dolphins. The trainer will tell a lot of interesting information about the life of dolphins and other marine mammals. You will learn about the origin of the dolphins, their species diversity, anatomy and physiology, behavior, as well as many other interesting aspects of their lives. Each participant will be able to ask questions and learn about dolphins anything ever wanted. The lecture is accompanied by visual material in the form of photographs and drawings.


After a short briefing on safety and review the rules of behavior, the group, accompanied by dolphin trainers goes on stage. Then our coaches are also invited to the platform of dolphins and they are next to you.


Now you can see these unique mammals up close, touch and pet them and get to know each dolphin alone.


We show that the animals look different from each other, pay attention to the features of the external structure and describe the nature of each. After a direct acquaintance with the dolphins we offer to take part in joint fun games.


We will disclose the secrets of coaching and explain how dolphins are taught to perform the most difficult tricks. By showing a few basic gestures - teams, we give everyone the opportunity to feel in the role of the coach - it's just an incredible feeling and unforgettable experience. Then our dolphins, exposing their dorsal fins, will be able to ride each participant one circle on the pool perimeter. Upon completion of the program, we summarize and answer all your questions.


«Familiarity with the dolphins» – an unforgettable adventure for a friendly company and the whole family!



Duration of program: 45 minutes.

Cost: 3000 RUR.

Get more information and to register please call:

+7 (978) 842 88 89

Tickets can be purchased at the dolphinarium.












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